Elite police train for Bali nine duo transfer as Joko Widodo remains silent on Abbott call

February 28, 2015 – 2:40AM

  By Tom Allard ansydneyd Jewel Topsfield

Indonesia’s elite paramilitary police have held a training drill simulating the transfer of the two Bali nine death-row inmates, revealing it plans to use a team of 10 heavily armed officers for each prisoner. Read More…

Divers retrieve AirAsia ‘black box’, explosion theory questioned


PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia/JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesian navy divers retrieved the black box flight data recorder from the wreck of an AirAsia passenger jet on Monday, a major step towards unraveling the cause of the crash that killed all 162 people on board. Read More…

AirAsia jet tail found underwater, black box may be close

Posted Reuters

JAKARTA/PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia (Reuters) – The tail of a crashed AirAsia jet has been found upturned on the sea bed about 30 km (20 miles) from the plane’s last known location, Indonesia’s search and rescue agency said on Wednesday, indicating the crucial black box recorders may be nearby. Read More…