swim with dolphin

Febris Bali Tour invite you to swim with the dolphinsin the sea, you can also cadle and kiss the dolphins. Let’s join with us and your holiday not complete before swim with the dolphin.

1st Session Pick up at 8.15 am

2nd Session Pick up at 9.05 am

3rd Session Pick up at 10.05 am

4th Session Pick up at 11.00 am

5th Session Pick up at 12.30 am

Below are our published rates for your perusual.

  • Adults   

Dolphin Interaction     : US$ 89/pax (30 Minutes Session)

Watching Only               : US$ 49.50

Swimming                       : US$ 89/pax (30 Minutes Session)

  • Children                                     

Dolphin Interaction     : US$ 79/pax (30 Minutes Session)

Watching Only               : US$ 34.50

Swimming                       : US$ 89/pax (30 Minutes Session)


  • The above net rates quoted are inclusive of all taxes and are subjected to changes without advence notices.
  • Woman are pregnant or suspected or suspected to be pregnant are prohibited in the water with the dolphins.
  • Adults & Children with history of epilepsy  or similar illnesses are prohibited in the water with the dolphins.
  • Children under the age of 5 years or below the minimum height of 1.35 m are prohibited in the water wuth the dolphins. show of passport proof will be most appreciated.

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