by Miki Tang on febrisbalitour.com
My holiday with Febri's Bali Tour

This was my first time visitng to Bali 14-17/July'16 , thank you to my driver and tour guide Wayan for the guided tour. He is very friendly, knowledgeble, helpful and he really take carw of me during my trip.

by Cathy & Manny (from the Philippines) on febrisbalitour.com
Very good service by Febris Bali tour

We just returned from a Bali trip organized by Febri's company and I have been telling friends about the very good service we got from our agency. We availed their standard tour package for the first 2 days and a custom package for day 3.

Sharing some of my inputs regarding our experience with them:
1) Transacting was very easy. I sent inquiries to several agencies and Febri was the first to reply. He was also prompt with the response to my clarifications
2) In my experience, tour operators would require advance payment to confirm the tour but when I asked Febri about it, he said we can pay at the end of our day 3 tour. For me, this is a good sign that the company is service-oriented
3) The tour guide and driver consistently arrived early before the intended start of tour. The guide (Karya) took very good care of us and we did not have any complain on the driver.
4) The food included in the package was always good and although there was a deviation on the initial plan on where to take our lunch, we understood that it was due to the schedule and we did not feel that we were shortchanged

Over-all, we believe that it was a good deal that we got for the quality of service that we received. We will highly recommend this company to future visitors of Bali.

by Ade Syafrizal on febrisbalitour.com
Sangat Memuaskan

Febri/Bian biasa saya memanggilnya, anak muda ini sangat menjamu saya pada saat saya pergi berlibur bersama Istri saya. Dia melayani para tamu sama halnya melayani saudaranya sendiri, saya sangat hangat jika berada di sebuah kota yang ramai, saya tinggal kontek Febri, dia siap menjemput saya.

Kami bukan saudara kandung, kami hanya bertemu pada saat berlibur ke pulau dewata tersebut, namun Febri selalu menggangap kami saudara, itulah yang membuat kami nyaman dan aman berada selama di sana. Harga yang di tawarkanpun menurut kami sangat murah ketimbang dengan Travel-travel lainnya. Ini sangat cocok bagi Turis Lokal yang ingin berlibur kesana dengan Buged yang Minim, Febri selalu menawarkan Optional-optional wisata lain yang tidak kalah bagusnya, yang dapat menekan Buged kita.

Sampai hari ini pun, kami tetap berkontak-kontak ria, meskipun sudah lama kami tidak pergi berlibur ke pulau dewata ini. 2x pertemuan kami pada tahun 2-3 tahun silam, tidak memutuskan tali silahturahmi kami berdua.

Pesan untuk Febri, terus kembangan usahamu, jangan pernah takut dengan pesaing di luar sana, saat ini Istri ku sedang menganduk anak pertama kami, dan Mbak mu (Yenni) sangat ingin mengunjungi mu lagi, Insya Allah jika bayi kami telah lahir, kami akan pergi mengunjungi Mu lagi.... Sukses untuk Febri

by Praveen K on febrisbalitour.com
Memorable Bali Trip

We spent 3 days and 4 nights in Bali, It was fantastic, memorable trip.

We managed to cover all the places which we planned to see, thanks to Febri team for the fantastic arrangements.

One driver cum Guide from Febri Team accompanied us (Mr. Wayne) and his hospitality, knowledge about the places, driving skills were excellent. Our special thanks to Wayne.

Tips to new visitor to Bali,

> Locate your stay at as center as possible to all the places you want to visit, other vise travelling time will be burden for you. Take note that there will be heavy traffic jam during the weekend. (Febri team can able to advise you on this)

> Roadside shopping in Bali is subjected to bargaining; use your bargaining skill here. Don’t touch the items unless you wish to purchase. Sometimes they have a policy of “once touch, it considered sold”.

> Take note that there will be Airport tax of Rp 200,000 (or USD 22) per person when you are leaving Bail. Normally this will not be covered in your Air Ticket Price (Check with your Airlines on this).


Praveen Kumar

by Minh N on febrisbalitour.com
Great Tour

We really had a wonderful trip thanks to the good service provided by Frebi's Bali tour. Special thanks go to our driver/guide W. Ronald . His good understanding of Balinese culture and his broad knowledge of the selected venues coupled with his excellent client service have made our tour most memorable. Many thanks August 29.2014 Nguyen family from Canada

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