Money Changer

Be very cereful when changing your money. Always check the rate of exchange and commision (if any). Visit an authorised money changer – not one in a stall or down the side alley.  The authorised changers are always in a proper glassed shop front and usually have security. Most importantly, always count your moneybefore leacing the premises and if you can, bring your own calculator as the one used by some places can be a little “innacurates”.


Bali Taxi

Always use Bluebird Taxi.  There are many taxi’s whom are privately owned (have bought an old taksi with a dodgy meter or no meter). Flagfall always 5000rp (around 60 cents) then average 5000rp per k/m

blue bird taxi


Do not give to the beggers.  These beggers make a very good living begging and earn in one week what a waitress earns in a month.  They will always have a young baby (which over the years remains a baby) and will use their “children” as bait.



In Bali, always expect the unexpected, always keep your eyes open and your mind on driving. Bewareof motorbikes! it is the best to rent a car with full insurance as this will savetime and money if you are involved in an accident. Bring yourvaid licence at all times .

driving in bali
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