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Bali Day Spa Treatment

Febri’s Bali Tour provide Bali style of Spa treatment with blend of ancient therapeutic remedies & modern Bali Day Spa rituals to be healthy, rejuvenate & well being. Through the healing hands of superbly trained therapist, we present only natural ingredient blend of products, the purest natural selected oils, herb & spices to deliver the ideal refuge for relaxation & rejuvenation.

All rates are quoted in USD, included Government Tax & Service Charge, and valid for one person.
01. Halo Bali Natural Spa (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 55 per person
The traditional massage that using a natural material from Lavender, Jasmine and Chocolate Oil, included natural scrubbing the all body, will make your skin feel younger and make your skin shining.- Free Drink ( Ginger Tea, Hot Coffee or Cold Soft Drink )
– Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
– Traditional Massage with Oil ( Lavender, Rose or Jasmine )
– Natural Lulur Body Scrub ( Green Tea or Chocolate Scrub )
– Milk Bath with Flower Bath
– Shower Bath with essential soap & shampoo
– VIP Room with Air Conditioner
02. Aromatherapy Body Massage (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 45 per person
The full body massage with natural material from Lavender, Jasmine or Chocolate Oil only, will make you skin feel younger and relaxation.- Free Drink ( Ginger Tea, hot Coffee or Cold Soft Drink )
– Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
– Traditional Massage with Aroma Essential Oil
– Shower Bath with essential Soap & Shampoo
– Standard Room with Air Conditioner
03. Traditional Facial (60 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 35 per person
The Traditional face treatment with Natural materials will be done by as follows:- Remove dead skin cells and stain gently by cleansing, peeling, washing and steaming
– Refresh the supple skin with face massage
– A moisture and nutrition will be given by facemask with lotion and moisturizer
– Massage your neckline, shoulders and hands during drying the facemask
– VIP Room with Air Conditioner


Price Includes:

Hotel Return Transfer

Spa Treatment

No Hidden Charge

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